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Organic Farming Is A Sustainable System

Organic farming is a sustainable system

Organic farming is a sustainable system of food production that maintains and replenishes the fertility of the soil & perceives the environment holistically, respecting all its elements.

My soil is integral to the health of the Little Shaggery Farm plants, so I get fed the most natural foods by making natural fertilisers, compared to modern farming, which relies on chemicals to artificially spur on growth for faster turnover and yield. My organic produce is allowed to develop to its full potential, slowly and naturally. The result is flavour that just doesn’t compare. There is a higher nutrient density in my organic food that only nature can produce when given time to create, plus there is no chemical residue in the produce to disrupt your bodies systems or cause illness due to nasty toxin build up. Only the most natural produce will be here on Little Shaggery Farm!

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