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An established Certified Organic edible landscape.
We grow Organic, healthy, fresh, tasty and affordable produce, vinegars and juices.

We are committed to soil health, organics, living in symbiosis with the land to produce the best fruit possible. With the constant question “How can we improve” sustainably, organically, regeneratively.

A Beneficial Way!

We are a family, we work, we play and by working together as a family we grow the tastiest most nutritious food for you, our local community, without compromise.

Our Produce

Little Shaggery Farm offers an easy order and delivery service right to your door! We encourage you to slow down and enjoy the wonders that nature creates, a little more. Choosing organic is a conscious choice that you can make to create a sustainable and environmental stand. Once you start eating fresh organic produce, you will notice the endless health benefits, general wellbeing, and to put it simply, it just tastes better!

Organic Juices

Our juice is nothing but natural and organic. Simple really!

The juice is made from fresh fruit straight off the tree. Nothing is added, no sugars, no ascorbic acid, nothing but the fresh organic fruit straight from the tree! Taking it back all the way, producing good old fashioned juice straight from an apple, like they would back in the day!

The fruit goes over the sorting table so you can be sure that we only take the best, next stop is our fruit mill, for shredding and the rest! The pulverized fruits are exposed to extreme pressure between two plates, thanks to our Rackpress where it is cold pressed. The pressure between these two plates is what gives us our delicious and natural juice. We bottle it up, ready for the truck, but not before it’s pasteurised to lock in that delicious flavour for you to hold onto a little bit longer.

We bottle in glass to continue the ethos of sustainability and also maintain juice quality.

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Cider Vinegar and Vinegar

Simple and slow, created with time and care.

Our mission from the start was to make a fully certified, full strength organic, with the “Mother” Raw and Unfiltered vinegar. The healthiest, tastiest vinegar around.

With our certified fruit picked, graded, juiced and fermented from our own orchard, then laid to rest in our traditional oak barrels. With this slow process comes the full strength, healthiest, most natural way to produce vinegar. The natural colour is living proof that it’s just so dam outstanding than any other vinegar around. But dont take our word for it, we urge you to try it yourself!

Bottled in glass for sustainability, protecting the living natural product of the “Mother”.

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Dried Fruit

When making dried fruit, our approach is the same, natural and organic, it’s simple and plain.

We visit the sorting table and select our loot, we peel, core and carefully slice the fruit. Our dehydrators take care of the rest, we don’t add a thing, not even lemon juice! The colours are natural, our process is simple, because we know that using methods which are closer to Mother Nature is always best!

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